History of Hotmail Logo and Brand

The History of Hotmail

The history of Hotmail, launched by Jack Smith in addition to Sabeer Bhatia, was released in the fourth of july (Usa independence day) 1996 and also supplied totally free email accounts that may be utilized through any kind of personal computer, around the globe, as long as it got an active connection to the internet. Hotmail was most likely the very first to provide this type of service. FYI, the significance of the release day was basically “freedom” through ISP based e-mail service. In the end of the coming year, Hotmail got 8.5 million end users and has been purchased by Microsof company (December 1997) for the huge sum of $400 million. This simply means each one of the creators, ideally walked away along with $200 million each – not really a pretty bad total for just one and a half years of work. They always remember the History of Hotmail.

History of Hotmail name change

First logo in the History of Hotmail . com

The brand of the service has been selected because it included the letters HTML, the language by which almost all webpages are usually created and also to stress upon this the first spelling was basically “HoTMaiL”.

Hotmail logo memorableThe Hotmail brand name was very strong.
It has a special high quality and a exceptional remember value.


Following the purchase from Microsoft company, the service was basically re-named MSN Hotmail and experienced numerous modifications in the logo.

History of msn microsoft hotmail logo

Hotmail logo msn

Msn history logoIn the past, Microsoft company had made a decision to remove the “Hotmail” brand name and call the service Windows Live Mail however this confused customers and the strategy was rapidly dropped. Such was the “power” of Hotmail brand name – catchy and memorable. The world wide web based e mail service is currently referred to as Windows Live Hotmail and now we hope for a stop to additional alterations and modifications.

This was the History of Hotmail . com

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