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In order to perform your hotmail sign in you must first navigate into Windows Live Hotmail Webpage by typing in your favorite web navigation software.

Side Note: We always recommend to update your web navigation software to the newest version available.

Once inside Windows Live Hotmail sign in webpage you will need to identify yourself by typing your hotmail email account under the field labeled “Windows Live ID” and your password under the field labeled -yes, you guessed it- Password.

If you do not have a Hotmail account yet, please create a Windows Live Hotmail account first: You can follow the instructions available on the left side of the Windows Live Hotmail welcome page, under “Sign Up”.


Automatizing your Hotmail sign in

Hotmail windows love sign up screen

If you are using your personal trusted computer to perform your Hotmail Sign in, you can ask Hotmail right below there to remember your windows live ID and -if no one else uses your computer- even remember your password. If you do so, Your web navigator will automatically execute the Hotmail Sign In procedure and you won’t have to bother typing your hotmail account email or password again.


Taking care of your Hotmail Sign in

Inversely, it is very important NOT to check the “remember me” and “remember my password” if you are using a public or shared computer for your Hotmail Sign In session, like for instance, in a library or cybercoffee shop. If by mistake you check those options in such a place, the users that will come after you and sit in front of that computer will eventually read all your emails and be able to send emails on your name. Certainly you won’t want that to happen!

Automatically Hotmail sign in


This is the easy way to Hotmail sign in,  if you have any question email me.

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